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Resident App: Requesting Service
Resident App: Requesting Service

This guide shows residents how to create a service request using Resident App.  

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Resident App makes it easy for residents to stay connected with the community management team, and up-to-date on community happenings... all from their mobile device.  This guide shows residents how to create a service request using Resident App.  

If you do not have a username and password for Resident App, please see your property management team as they can send you an invitation to setup your Resident App credentials.  

Resident App is available on Android and iOS devices. To get started, download Resident App from the Google Play or Apple App store today!

Upon signing-in to the Resident App, you will land on the home screen. To create a new service request for your home, simply tap the button labeled “Request Service.”

When requesting service, you may include a photo of your issue and then add a text description to ensure that our maintenance team fully understands the request.

All maintenance requests should be identified as “Maintenance.”

The next step is to select a category. For example, “Electrical” or “Plumbing.”

Next, simply provide your entry preference details if needed.

Once you are satisfied that you have captured the necessary details, simply tap the button labeled “Submit Request.”

And there you have it. Requesting service is that easy!

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