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Resident App Overview

Exploring the Resident App, and the conveniences it provides to your residents when on-the-go.

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SightPlan’s Resident App allows residents to easily and effectively stay connected with the community management team.  Easily create maintenance requests, and report other concerns, directly from your mobile device.  The following guide will walk you through the general layout of the SightPlan Resident App. 

Note:  The Resident App is now available on Android and iOS devices.  

Site teams can invite their residents to download the Resident App from with the SightPlan 'People' Section.  Upon receiving the invitation, residents will simply click the "Get Started" button, and then proceed to create an account by creating a password when prompted.

It's now time for the resident to download the app.  All residents should head to their respective app store (Google Play or Apple App) and download Resident App.  Once it has been installed, the resident will be prompted to enter their email and password.


At first login, the resident enters the main dashboard which presents them with several options to choose from.  Any account changes can be made within "My Profile," by selecting "Edit". 


Within the "My Profile" Section, residents can change their phone number and email address, upload a profile image to associate with their account, create a new password, and more. 


They will also be able to change their desired notification settings for SightPlan Messages by selecting "Notifications" within the "My Profile" Section.  

Once in the "Notifications" Section, residents can select whether they would like to be notified for different scenarios at the community; for example, when a new issue is opened and completed, or when messages are received from the community team.  

Residents can also setup their preferred communication method, as shown below. 


Residents can specify that they prefer to be notified by text message, email, both, or not at all.  The resident's selection will be applied to all SightPlan communication, whether it's a community-wide message about an upcoming pool party, or a comment from the maintenance technician informing them that their service request has been completed.  

Your residents should now be up and running!  Lets look into how your residents can create requests. Lets start by creating requests for the office and maintenance staff.  At the main dashboard, residents can select either "Request Maintenance" or "Report Concern."

They can take a picture to better capture the issue, if they choose. 


They can also add a voice or text note to define the issue in even more detail. 


The next screen lets the resident geo-locate the issue, whether it is in their residence or elsewhere on the property.  All they have to do is hold their finger on the screen to create a pin that can be dragged to where the concern is located.


Next, categorize the type of request. 


Finally, the residents will submit the request to the maintenance staff. 


After the request is created, activity updates are posted to the main screen. Residents can tap "My Requests" on the menu at the bottom right to view or add updates to the issue that was created.  

Once the problem has been taken care of, a push notification will be delivered to the resident with details.  They can then review the actions, add additional comments if they would like, and rate their experience to let the property managers know how well the site staff handled their request.


 And if a resident ever needs to re-open the request, they can do so by simply tapping "Reopen Concern" to add more comments for the office staff.


In addition, residents can scroll the Activity Stream on the Home Page to quickly catch-up on any updates they may have missed, whether they were community-wide updates or updates specific to their apartment home.  

 If you need additional support, please contact the SightPlan Help Team at anytime.

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