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User Management in Inspection Management
User Management in Inspection Management

This document provides instructions for managing users, including adding, deleting, and assignment.

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This document provides instructions for managing users, including adding, deleting, and assignment.

The following video goes through the functionality of the feature.


These instructions apply to the management of users within the Audit Management & Inspection Management platform for Due Diligence (DD), Lease File Audit (LFA), and Enterprise Inspections. (formerly Infotycoon)

Step 1

Login to the Web App and Select Your Organization

  1. Login at

  2. Select your company from the Organization List

  3. Select User Management from the Management Menu on the left

  • Select Users

Step 2

Add Users Individually

  1. Select Users from the User Management menu

  2. You will see a list of existing users

  3. Select Invite User to add a new user

  • This will send the user an invitation email. They must click the link in the email to set their password before logging in.

Import Users in Bulk

  1. Add multiple users at once by clicking the arrow next to Invite User

  2. This will allow you to download a template and upload user information, including name, email address, role, and the propert(ies) the user should have access to

  3. Include a password for each user and supply it to them for their first login – they can reset it later using the Forgot Password Link on the login page

  4. Leave the password column blank for each user to receive an email invitation and set their own password

Step 3

User Actions

  1. The actions menu allows you to resend user invitations and remove users

  2. Resend Invite

  • If a user accidentally deleted their new user email, you can resend it here

3. Remove Users

  • You can also remove users from your organization
    - This also removes a user from all assigned inspections and audits
    - If a removed user needs access later on, you will need to re-invite them, but their password will remain the same

Step 4

User Assignment

  1. Once a user has been added to your organization, you can add them to specific properties or inspections

  • An Admin user type will have access to all inspections and audits within all properties

  • A Property Manager user type will have access to all inspections and audits with their assigned properties

  • Add them to the Users tab at the property level

  • A User user type must be added to an inspection to see it on their mobile device or in the web app

2. When creating or editing an inspection, add them on the inspection setup page

  • Adding Users to Properties

  • Select the property

  • You will see assigned users on the right side of the Property Details tab

  • Click into the Add Users textbox to select or search for users that have already been added to your organization

3. Adding Users to Inspections

  • If your inspection has already been created, click the edit button on the inspection card (you can also use this process when creating a new inspection)

  • On this screen, you will see the users currently assigned to the inspection

  • Click the Add Users box to view a searchable drop down list of available users

  • Click Manage Users to invite additional users

  • After adding users, click the Update button to save your changes


I’m unable to see the Management Menu in the Web App

Only administrative users are able to manage users. Contact support or your company administrator for assistance.

Which type of user should I select when adding a user?

Some companies use custom user roles, but the standard roles below may be visible. Contact your company administrator if available roles differ from those below.

  • Admin: Use for company administrators, for Due Diligence, Lease File Audit, or Enterprise

  • Property Manager: Use for managers, for Enterprise

  • User: Use for unit walkers or lease file auditors, for Due Diligence, Lease File Audit, or Enterprise

My user is unable to see an inspection on the mobile app

Ensure they are assigned to the inspection using Step 4 above.

For more information about the SightPlan platform, please visit our Knowledge Base Articles. Should you need additional support, please don't hesitate to contact the Help Team at

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