User Roles in Inspection Management

This document provides instructions for managing users, including adding, deleting, and assignment.

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This document provides instructions for managing users, including adding, deleting, and assigning.

The following video goes through the functionality of the feature.


These instructions apply to the management of users within SmartRent's Audit Management & Inspection Management platform for Due Diligence (DD), Lease File Audit (LFA), and Enterprise Inspections.

Step 1

Log in to the Web App and Select Your Organization

  1. Login at

  2. Select your company from the Organization List

  3. Select User Management from the Management Menu on the left

  • Select Roles

About User Roles

  1. User Roles can be accessed by selecting Roles from the User Management menu

  2. User roles allow admin users to customize the rights for each user type, or create new user types

  3. The standard user roles are:

  • User – allows the user to complete assigned inspections and audits

  • Property Manager – allows the user to complete any inspections and audits for their assigned propert(ies)

  • Admin – allows the user full access, including creation and deletion of inspections, audits, properties, regions; completion of inspections and audits, user management, and license management.

4. You can edit the standard roles or create your own

Step 2

Edit User Roles

  1. Select Roles under User Management

  • To Edit, select the Actions Menu

  • You can change the name of the role and the description, as well as the individual permissions

  • You may not delete a role if users are currently assigned to it, you will need to change their role type before attempting to delete

2. You can also create a new Role by clicking the New Role button

  • This will allow you to fully customize a user’s access

  • The following permissions are required for all user types
    - Login to the SightPlan Inspect Platform, Read my user account, Update my user account

  • The following permissions are required for inspectors to complete inspections on their mobile device
    - Read inspections, Update inspections, Sync inspection results

  • The following permissions are required for auditors to complete file audits
    - Read audits, Update audit instances


I’m unable to see the Management Menu in the Web App

Only administrative users are able to manage users. Contact support or your company administrator for assistance.

What does each user setting control?

View the video link at the beginning of this document for more detailed descriptions of each setting.

Can I change a user’s role after their access has been created?

You can change a user’s role at any time. They will need to log out of the Web App and back in to see the changes.

For more information about the SightPlan platform, please visit our Knowledge Base Articles. Should you need additional support, please don't hesitate to contact the Help Team at

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