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Getting Started FAQs
Getting Started FAQs

From misplaced passwords to community settings, find the answers to our most common customer questions.

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From "getting started" to fine-tuning your community settings in SMRT Operations Manager, this Help Guide is designed to answer our most common customer questions. Please note that the links in this article require that you are signed into the SMRT Operations Manager platform, otherwise, you will get an error message when you click on them.

1. How can I find my username or password if I've misplaced them?  

Don't worry, we've all been there.  If you are having trouble remembering your username or password, you can utilize the "Forgot username/password" link on the sign-in page to recover it.  Click HERE for additional information, if needed.  


2. I have a username and password for SMRT Operations Manager, but how do I create a username and password for the rest of my team?  

If a property manager has a SMRT Operations Manager username and password, then they can create a SMRT Operations Manager Account for each member of their team.  Click HERE for step-by-step instructions on setting up your team in SightPlan.


3. I plan to use SMRT for my answering service.  How soon can the answering service be ready to go at my property?    

The SMRT Answering Service can often be ready immediately.  To launch the answering service at a community, the property manager needs to do the following:

4. Exactly what "settings" do I need to address or set up when preparing to launch my community answering service?   

Before launching the SMRT Answering Service at a community, the property manager should sign in at to establish the answering service settings.  Be sure to establish (or confirm) the settings for your community in each of the following sections:

  • Settings/Answering Service:  Here you can establish your community's "lock-out" policy and additional site information. Click HERE for step-by-step support on managing these settings.  

  • Settings/Assignments/Defaults:  This is where you should establish the assignees for non-urgent calls, and for your courtesy officer calls if you have a courtesy officer.  

  • Settings/Assignments/Escalations:  This is where you set up your emergency escalation chain.  When emergency calls are received, this is the escalation path that will be used by the answering service. Click HERE for step-by-step support on managing these settings. 

  • Settings/Notifications:  This is where you need to establish your office hours, and the settings related to your Answering Service Summary Report.  Click HERE for step-by-step support on managing these settings.

  • People/On-Call:  This is where you can set up your on-call schedule.  Your on-call schedule can be established for as far into the future as you would like.  Click HERE for step-by-step support on managing these settings.

5. Instead of the live webinars that you guys offer, are any of the trainings on video as this would allow us to train on our own time?  

Absolutely.  Today you can watch the following SMRT Training online, at your own pace:

  • Answering Service - The Answering Service Training prepares teams to successfully launch the SMRT Answering Service at their community.  This training includes everything from retrieving your voicemails to handling your "on-call" situations.  And for the administrative team members, this training provides clear direction on answering service "setup" items such as managing your on-call schedule, and your emergency escalations path.  Watch the Training Now! 

  • Mobile Maintenance -  The Mobile Maintenance Training provides a thorough review of the SMRT Operations Manager Mobile App, including how team members can utilize the mobile app to create and manage all community tasks (work orders and other property "to-dos"). Watch the Training Now!

  • You can find an extensive list of our training here: Schedule Training for Your Team


6. Am I able to use biometrics to sign into SMRT Operations Manager Mobile?

Biometric authentication uses fingerprints or face recognition to unlock your smart device quickly and easily. This adds an additional layer of security if the device is left unattended and the app is backgrounded. Only the device owner may re-open the app and view any potentially sensitive information therein.

  • Yes. If you have biometric authentication enabled on your mobile device, once you have signed in initially to SMRT Operations Manager Mobile, you will be able to keep signing back into SMRT Operations Manager using the device's biometric settings you have selected.

7. Who should I contact for help when I have questions about SMRT?  

Billing and invoice-related questions should be emailed to
All other questions can be directed to our SightPlan Help Team or your account manager. When your question is received, the appropriate Help Team Member will respond as soon as possible. You can reach our Help Team through any of the below contact methods:

Chat: Chat with us during business hours in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Phone: 407.459.7866

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