This document shows the step-by-step process to view and download Due Diligence Reports, and gives a summary of available reports.

The following video goes through the functionality of the feature.


Instructions cover how to pull reports for all Due Diligence Inspections completed after April 2020.

Step 1

Login to the Web App and Select Your Organization

1. Login at app.infotycoon.com

2. Select your company from the Organization List

3. Select Due Diligence from the App menu on the left

  • You will see options for Inspections, Regions, and Properties

  • Select Inspections

Step 2

Find Your Inspection

1. You can search by Inspection or Property name, or sort by Date, Property, or Inspection Name

2. Be sure to check the filter to view inspections by status. Your inspection may be listed as Completed

Step 3

Select Reports

• At the top right corner of the inspection card, select the reports icon

• A pop up will appear that includes a drop down list of available reports

• Select your desired report and click the View button

Step 4

View and Save Reports

  • The selected report will load in your browser window

  • Use the download buttons at the top of the page to download the file in your desired format

  • Some reports include the ability to filter data on the right side of the screen

List of Available Reports

Inspection Summary Report

  • Interior/Exterior cost information

  • Summary of top costs

  • Listing of floorplans with inspection completion details for each

  • Listing of Interior/Exterior items inspected with answer counts for each question and cost totals

Inspection Details Report

  • All questions and answers are listed as columns

  • All Units and spaces listed as rows

  • Answer Totals for each question

All Photos Report

  • All photos taken on the inspection

  • This report includes filters on the right side to limit photos displayed, if desired

All Comments Report

  • All comments made during the inspection

  • All results for multi-line questions

  • This report includes filters on the right side to limit comments displayed, if desired

All Data Report

  • The results of all questions and answers on the inspection

  • Includes inspector and timestamp data

  • This report includes filters on the right side to limit comments displayed, if desired

Unit Status Report

  • The status of all units on the inspection

  • No Entry reasons


Must I be logged into InfoTycoon to view reports?

Yes, to view reports, you must be logged into the SightPlan Inspect Web App and you must have access to the property.

Can all users see the Due Diligence Reports?

Only admin users with access to the inspection can view reports.

Is there a report that shows both comments and photos?

Not at this time. Refer to the All Photos Report and the All Comments Report.

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