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SightPlan Emergency Preparedness and Response Features
SightPlan Emergency Preparedness and Response Features
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Important Tools for Emergency Preparedness and Response:

When a potential emergency approaches the area, we want to be sure your community is prepared and can quickly recover. The following video provides a quick review of SightPlan features that can support your community in emergency preparedness and response situations:

Custom Announcements: Quickly record an announcement for your answering service, to inform residents of office closures and more.

Messages: Effectively communicate a message to your community via email and/or SMS message.

Projects (Inspections): Following inclement weather, use SightPlan Projects to document water intrusion and other damage. NOTE: Standardized hurricane inspection template is available by request.

For additional assistance with any of the features referenced above, please contact the SightPlan Help Team using the integrated chat feature or email

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