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Completing Lease File Audits in Audit Management
Completing Lease File Audits in Audit Management

This document provides step-by-step instructions for file auditors to complete Lease File Audits (LFA).

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This document provides step-by-step instructions for file auditors to complete Lease File Audits.

The following video goes through the functionality of the feature.


Instructions cover how to pull reports for all Lease File Audits completed after August 2020.

Step 1

Login to the Web App and Select Your Organization

  1. Login at

  2. Select your company from the Organization List

  3. Select Lease File Audit from the App menu on the left

  • You will see options for Audits and Templates

  • Select Audits

Step 2

Select the Appropriate Audit

  1. You can search by audit name, sort the list, or select a date range

  2. The Actions menu allows shortcuts to the Review and Reports Steps

Step 3

View the Lease Files

  1. Select the Lease Files Tab at the top of the page

  2. This will show you all files within the audit

  3. You can search for a unit or resident, sort the list, or filter based on file status

Step 4

Audit Files

  1. Click on a file to view it

2. All data that was present on the rent roll will be filled in

  • Confirm that data is correct

  • Make changes if the file data varies from the rent roll

  • Any changes will be highlighted in purple

3. The Annual Income field includes a calculator

  • Enter the income amount, then select the frequency

  • Annual Income will be calculated

4. Click the + button in each section to add more entries

  • +Entity will add more people to the lease

  • +Additional Charge, +Concession, +Deposit allow you to enter additional information that wasn’t present on the rent roll

5. Concession Frequency: When auditing a concession

  • Mark it Recurring if it occurs every month

  • Mark it One-Time if it was a single month concession

  • If the field is left blank, it will default to Recurring

6. Upon completion of the file

  • Use Save & Next to mark the file complete and move to the next file

  • Use Save to save your progress and come back to the file – the file will not be marked complete

7. If you are unable to locate a paper file onsite, mark it File Not Found to locate it easily later

Step 5

Check Progress

  1. At any time in the audit you can filter the Lease Files List to see which files have not been completed


Can questions be added or removed from the audit form?

Yes, an administrator can edit the audit form to add or remove questions, or change the order of questions and sections.

Can files be added to the audit?

Use the Create Lease File button to add an additional lease for an applicant or pending renewal, or to add a unit that was not present on the rent roll.

Can files be deleted from the audit?

At this time, files cannot be deleted from the audit. If a file was added in error, it can be excluded from the reporting.

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